Parenting Programs – Fatherhood is Sacred and Motherhood is Sacred

The mission of these programs is to strengthen families through responsible parenting while connecting with their native heritage.  This parenting program is 12 sessions, 2 hours per weekly session.


Topics covered include:

  • Laying the foundation for parenting through concepts of good character and integrity, improving relationships, and the importance of father and mothers as leaders of their families
  • Understanding the value, power and consequences of choice
  • Understanding the importance of relationships and communication
  • And much more


To schedule a Fatherhood is Sacred or Motherhood is Sacred session,
contact us at (808) 246-9577.

Relationship Skills

Love Notes is a relationship empowerment program focused on effective communication (saying yes or no) as well as education on safer sex practices. Unplanned pregnancy, single parenting, and troubled relationships are a serious threat to the well-being and futures of many young adults, as well as to their children. Love Notes was created for this vulnerable, high-risk audience. In 12 lessons participants discover, often for the first time, how to make wise choices about partners, sex, relationships, pregnancy, and more.  Love Notes takes an innovative approach to these topics by integrating relationship skills with pregnancy prevention and workforce readiness with practical strategies for motivating change.

To schedule a Love Notes session, contact us at (808) 246-9577.

Community Education

MPHS provides a variety of specialized, culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, reproductive health, and STD education programs for the community. Sessions are one to two hours long. Whether basic or detailed, we share a broad open range of information tailored to your group. We request a minimum one-week notice for scheduling and preparation. All of our health educators are trained and certified by the State of Hawaii, Department of Health. HIV/HEP/STD Risk Reduction Literature and condoms are free and available by request. Our programs are fact-based in trans-theoretical education and on harm-reduction. Contact us at (808) 246-9577 for more information.

Outreach Programs

MPHS provides outreach programs to our highest risk populations including women, teens, as well as gay, lesbian and transgender individuals.
We meet individuals in an environment where they feel most comfortable. Contact us at (808) 246-9577 for more information.

Education Request Form:

Topic(s) to be covered:
HIV 101Safe Sex/STD PreventionHepatitis B & CParentingRelationship Skills