Kauai Sings Christmas

We want to celebrate the holidays with you!  And yet it’s not safe.


We looked into virtual production but couldn’t do something that would be the quality you’d enjoy.  (And frankly we didn’t want to compete with Mariah Carey’s Christmas show!)


We are on pause but we’ll be back.


The agency is still doing its invaluable work for the island of Kauai. If you need a reminder of what that is, click here: https://mphskauai.org/.


We’ll be back for either Christmas 2021.  And if a vaccine comes sooner, we’ll plan an overcoming COVID-19 celebration show even sooner!


In solidarity, we hope you’ll buy your tickets or reserve your seats now:  insert link.


And if you’d just like to donate to the agency, you can do so here: https://mphskauai.org/donate/