About Us

Our Compassionate Team

Malama Pono Health Services mission is to provide individualized, compassionate health care services and education to meet the evolving needs of those on Kauai.  Malama Pono Health Services (MPHS) was established in 1986 primarily to serve HIV/AIDS patients on Kauai. As the health needs of Kauai have evolved, MPHS has greatly expanded its services to include women’s wellness and reproductive health care, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, smoking cessation, transgender services, parenting programs, and more. Our professional and compassionate team serves patients of all incomes, many of whom feel they have nowhere else to turn. MPHS has answered the call, breaking down barriers to quality care, support and education for all.  

Executive & Administrative Staff

Mistee Head shot

Mistee Bailey-Myrick


Rob Anderson, Malama Pono Kauai

Rob Anderson

Chief Operating Officer



Charles Roessler, MSW

Grant Writer/Community Engagement Coordinator

Clinic, Education & Support Staff


Verna Souza-Costa

Clinic Manager

Linda Arn, Malama Pono Kauai

Linda Arn

Case Manager

Tobacco Health Education Manager 

Emily Dunn

Intensive Care Coordinator

Mandi Bartholomew, Malama Pono Kauai

Brandi Bartholomew

Nurse Practitioner

Melisse Camela, Malama Pono Kauai

Melisse Camelo, MA

Billing and Coding Specialist

MA,HIV/HEP/STD/Tobacco Cessation, Certified Tester and Counselor

Bianka Taskaka, Malama Pono Kauai

Bianka Tasaka

Prevention Supervisor
MA, HIV/HEP/STD/Tobacco Cessation, Certified Tester and Counselor

Andrew Preston, Malama Pono Kauai

Andrew Preston

Prevention Specialist
MA, HIV/HEP/STD Certified Tester and Counselor

Board of Directors

Carol Fujiyoshi – Board Chair, Women’s Wellness Medical Director

Jeffrey Cronk – Treasurer, Medical Director

Preston Chong – Secretary

Bob Wotring – At Large Member