Support services for qualified HIV+  clients through the Ryan White Care Act Program.

Hawaii HIV Drug Assistance Program

MPHS offers application assistance to those needing pharmaceuticals for HIV and because of income, cannot get them.  The Hawaii HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) will distribute free medications to the uninsured who are HIV positive. All prescription drugs are FDA-approved. The objective is to treat or improve side effects of HIV and address the infection. To see if you qualify, contact us at (808) 246-9577.

There are many non-governmental programs for accessing medications outside of ADAP and HDAP. You may call for assistance or click on the web address below. | |

HIV/AIDS Case Management

MPHS offers medical case management for people living with HIV.  Medical case management is a collaborative process that helps patients meet the recommended treatment plans of their medical care provider while maintaining dignity of the patient, their culture and their family.  Our case manager is involved in the planning and coordination of health care services appropriate to achieve the physician/client goals. This service also includes assistance with accessing insurance or other programs that pay for medical services and other supports. Our medical case management services are made possible by federal and state funding, as well as community donations.

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Housing Assistance

MPHS offers support to those living with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family members to find housing.  MPHS does not own any housing, nor does MPHS screen or make decisions on housing applications or subsidies.  MPHS staff can offer the following:

  • Assistance in searching for open-market housing
  • Referrals to other programs that offer subsidized housing or assistance programs
  • Assistance in completing applications for housing
  • Advocacy with landlords when housing struggles arise
  • Referrals to credit repair agencies
  • Referrals to renter and homebuyer programs

Housing on Kauai is expensive and there are waiting lists for all housing assistance programs.  People looking to move to Kauai should complete a budgeting process that includes a realistic allocation of resources for rent and utilities and clarity on how they will pay for all necessities.

Food Pantry

MPHS provides referrals to local food banks and maintains a limited food pantry at our main office for our clients living with HIV/AIDS who are enrolled in our case management program and are income-qualifying.  We believe that in order to become and remain healthy after diagnosis, one must have access to quality, nutritious and healthy foods.  For many, limited incomes and distance from healthy food sources make a consistent and stable food supply difficult.  MPHS attempts to fill the gap where possible, offering food purchased with grants and donated monies.  To learn about the food bank and qualifications, contact our lead Case Manager at (808) 246-9577. Thank you for supporting our food bank program:

  • Safeway Foundation
  • MAC AIDS Fund
  • FEMA

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Hepatitis C Care

If you are living with Hepatitis C, we invite you to learn more about our Hepatitis Care Coordination program.  The Hepatitis Care Coordinator provides free care coordination support to anyone diagnosed with Hepatitis C to move toward medical care and eventual treatment.  Contact 808-246-9577 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Tobacco Cessation

We are happy to help you stop the use of tobacco products. We provide counseling, free patches and gum, and follow-up as well as individual and group cessation sessions.  Call (808) 631-3256 to make an appointment.

Transgender Services

We provide counseling, hormone replacement therapy, and continued care for individuals seeking these services.