Tobacco Cessation

Join our FREE Tobacco Cessation Program and quit Tobacco for good!  

Free Tobacco Cessation

Malama Pono Health Services, in partnership with the Hawaii Community Foundation, is providing FREE Tobacco Cessation to help people that would like to quit smoking, as well as quitting other tobacco & nicotine products. Our Tobacco Treatment Specialists will be offering individual and workplace group tobacco cessation classes. Sessions can be at your workplace or at our Malama Pono Health Services office in Lihue. You will receive valuable information to help prepare for tobacco cessation that includes:

  • FREE Carbon Monoxide reading that will tell you HOW MUCH nicotine replacement therapy you need personally
  • Learn to properly use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT’s) and received FREE nicotine patches, gum and lozenges
  • Personal counseling sessions with our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists

Reasons for Quitting

  • Biological nicotine factor and the brain
  • Personal reason for quitting
  • Preparations for Quitting
  • Knowing your triggers
  • Know your smoking patterns
  • Health effects of smoking
  • Changing behaviors
  • Quit Day
  • Starter quit Kits
  • Your reason for quitting
  • Building social support
  • Your plan of action
  • Creating your emergency kit

Plan of Action

  • Symptoms of recovery
  • Adding new activities
  • Avoiding secondhand smoke
  • Handing stress
  • Fitness and physical activities
  • New self-image
  • Learning to assert you
  • Staying Quit and Celebrate
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Weight control handling social situations
  • Preventing relapse

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